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Books for children of all ages.

I have written books for children of all ages. I've listed them in order of difficulty - of subject matter as well as text - and grouped them into categories, but these are guidelines only, not rules. I really don't like categorising.  A bright 6 or 7 year old might enjoy reading "Stowaway' or 'The Jessame Stories' or 'Class Two at the Zoo' but also  listening to "Ghost Writer".

As parents and teachers you know your child better than anyone. Success is finding the right book for the right child at the right moment.  Like grown-ups, children sometimes need books to relax with and sometimes to challenge and stimulate.

I hope my guidelines will help adults  - aunties and uncles perhaps - who want to buy a present for a child they haven't seen for a while.  If in doubt buy something funny! Everyone likes a laugh.

All of these books can be purchased from Amazon using the link below.  Alternatively, please ask for them in your local book shop.