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Titles in this section deal with challenging issues relevant to teens, specifically war, peace and conflict resolution in Peace Weavers and bullying in Hangman.  In Peace Weavers, the heroines, one Anglo Saxon, the other very twenty-first century, are sixteen.  Both yearn for peace in war-torn countries.

Hangman is about bullying in a secondary school. Readers the same age as the characters will identify with them, but so will mature younger readers.

Crow Haunting  is about teenage girls, one modern, one from the Stone Age, both with too much responsibility thrust upon them. 

I have included  titles from my Time Travelling Cat series in this section, because Topher, the cat's owner - or does she own him? - goes to secondary school in all but the first book in the series. Themes interesting to teenagers include animal rights, bullying and living with terrorism.

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altaltAged 17, Lee is inside for a crime he HAS committed.
And it’s not the holiday camp he’s heard about.
Warned to ‘play by the rules’ he has to decide whose rules - the screws or the other cons.
Life in a Young Offenders Institution is about survival.
But the real struggle is inside Lee himself.
Is he destined to be a ‘career con’ or can he choose to change his life?

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Hangman CoverNEW EDITION !

Toby's heart sinks when he hears that Danny Lamb is coming to Lindley High School. Danny will expect Toby to be his friend, and Toby doesn't want that again.

It was bad enough in the infants. Danny is different - that's the trouble - though it's hard to say exactly why. Being Danny's friend would destroy his street cred and turn off his other friends. He doesn't want to harm Danny. He wouldn't bully him. Of course not. But on a school trip to Normandy, on the D-day beaches where men fought to defeat Fascism, a harmless game goes dreadfully wrong.

Anne Williams, Joint Children's Services Librarian, Shropshire County Library said, " 'Hangman' is sensational. The characters and situation are all too believable... What a powerful read!"

"a powerful and perceptive story" Mail on Sunday

"Read this incredible story and take note" The Times

You can buy this book from Amazon

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Peace Weavers

Peaceweavers CoverInspired by the past, coloured by the present, my latest novel for teens weaves together two love stories and the struggle for peace. When Hilde finds a gold brooch on an archaeological dig, she starts to have vivid dreams and sees Maethilde, a young Anglo Saxon woman, who was the first wearer of the brooch - and a Peace weaver.

Hilde is furious when her peace-campaigner mother sends her to live with her father on a USAF base. refusing to go to school, she joins an archeological dig, 'not really her scene', where she meets Friedman, 'definitely not her type'. He's the son of an American fighter pilot. War with Iraq looks likely. Hilde is against the war but thinks protest is futile - till she steals a brooch from the grave of a sixth-century woman, a Peace Weaver, and her feelings start to change.

"Peace Weavers" has a provocative edge and asks the reader to make some hard-hitting moral choices. This is a timely novel about peace in our world"
The Bookseller
Available in paperback from Amazon  ISBN 1-84270-295-5.

Also available in Hardback from Amazon

Teachers - Please follow this link for a set of Lesson Plans based on this book

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Crow Haunting

Crow Haunting(30,000 words) 
Medi learns that her local supermarket is built over a Stone Age site where the skeletons of two Stone Age children were found. Why did the pre-historic children die in each other's arms? Why is her diabetic brother Davey scared of going into the store. When Davey disappears Medi goes in search of him and discovers the reason for his terror - and an amazing secret. 

Buy this book on Amazon.  Published by Harper Collins ISBN 0 00 675213 6 (paperback) 

Buy this book on Amazon.  Published by Andersen ISBN 0 86264 616 2 (hardback) 

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