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These books are for children who can't yet read, children who are beginning to read and children who can read very well.  Mostly they will be read by parents and carers, sharing the stories with lucky children. Even children who can read enjoy listening to a grown-up reading. They’ll also enjoy looking at the pictures - whch help tell the story - and chatting about the story. Whoever you are, reading the story, have fun!  Let yourself go and read with loads of expression.

There are now seven full colour picture books to purchase and keep or borrow from the library. Just click on the cover illustration if you would like to buy the book from Amazon.

Book of the Year!

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alt Charmingly illustrated by the wonderful Susan Varley, my latest picture book has received lots of great reviews. Independent on Sunday chose it as one of their BOOKS OF THE YEAR for 2012. Nicholas Tucker wrote 'This affectionate story is funny and touching in both text and pictures.' School Librarian's Anne-Marie Tarter said, 'A reassuring read for little ones embarking on new friendships. This would be a good  read aloud story with Jarman's clear rhythm and alliteration.'

The paperback edition was published on July 2nd 2013 and launched at the EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL August 2013. We had great fun with librarians in panda costumes, loaned by Edinburgh Zoo, acting the story as I read it to hundreds of children aged three to seven.


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Kangaroo's CanCan Cafe

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Kangaroo CanCan Cafe CoverWhen Kangaroo goes to belle France he discovers a dance - the cancan! Back home in Australia, Kangaroo decides to open his very own Cancan Café, but his auditions are a total disaster. Will Kangaroo ever find somebody to dance the cancan and dazzle the crowds?

Lynne Chapman's animals will make you laugh aloud as they try to dance the cancan.

Popualr in schools for its rhyming text, and because it covers so many topics, France, Australia, cafes, dance and music, teachers have also picked up on the theme of 'Try, try again'.

Published by Orchard Books. ISBN 978-1-84362-600-8

Also available in Hardback

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altIllustrated by Adrian Reynolds, this story about a very helpful big brother got excellent reviews:

'A great story to share and share again!'  The Bookbag, 

'This humorous brightly illustrated picture book will resonate with every member of the family.' Books for Keeps

'Suitable for the very young and early years children, this book will delight.' School Librarian.

'An adorable text with lots of animal noise to copy.' Sarah's Book Reviews



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Big Red Bath

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Big Red BathSplish! Splash! Splosh!

Ben and Bella's big red bath is such fun that all the animals jump right in. What a squash! Oh no! Here comes Hippopotamus! Can he really squeeze in too?

"A perfect read-aloud animal romp, fantastic for sharing at bedtime."  BOOK SELLER

Inspired by my grandchildren who love to splish and splosh in my big red bath. Yes. I really do have a big red bath!  Real life often inspires my stories.  Illustrated - brilliantly - by Adrian Reynolds.  Winner - Stockport Schools Book Award (Early Years)

Published by Orchard Books. ISBN 9781-84362-605-3  

 To get a Colouring In Picture of the cover of Big Red Bath, (PDF file) please click this link.  To download, Right Click this link and choose 'Save As'

Look out for Full House Theatre's stage show on tour from September 2013. For more details go to www.fullhouse.org.uk



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Kisses are Yuk

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Kisses are YukJack just HATES being kissed by his large family of aunts, uncles and cousins. 'Kisses were yukky, kisses were sucky, kisses were very very unlucky.' Deciding to be macho, he starts a  No Kissing campaign, but he has a secret, not revealed till the last page.

Erica-Jane Waters's pictures capture the fun but also, on the very last page, the tenderness.

Kisses are Yuk has recently been featured on the ITV series Bookaboo.  Follow this link for the full story.

"With hilarious pictures closely following the rhyming text, this is a book with much to giggle over, as Jack struggles with his abundantly affectionate family." BOOKS FOR KEEPS

Published by Hodder (Paperback ISBN 978-0-340-94482-0)

Also available in Hardback (ISBN 978-0-340-94481-3)

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Big Yellow Digger Has Arrived!

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Brum Brum! Brum Brum!

Judder, judder, jigger.

All aboard the big yellow digger!


The latest adventure of Ben and Bella is out and it's moving fast!  Reviews are full of praise:

'A yellow digger AND a dinosaur! Hours of fun!'  


'Ben, Bella and their friends dig a hole to Australia and back in a crowd-pleasing return from the characters from BIG RED BATH and BIG BLUE TRAIN with all the rhyme repetition and appealing animals that make those titles so popular.'  The Bookseller.




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Jack in a Box

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Jack in a Box CoverIt was Ben's birthday.

Ben got lot's of presents. "Ha!"

Jack got the boxes. "Huh!"

Then Jack finds a special way to visit the Rocky Mountains, land on a treasure island and whoosh into space. Can boxes really be as exciting as presents?

Inspired by nephew Jack, I hope it will inspire you to make things and IMAGINE!

Published by Collins. ISBN 0-00-710410-3.  Also available in Hardback
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