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Kangaroo's CanCan Cafe

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Kangaroo CanCan Cafe CoverWhen Kangaroo goes to belle France he discovers a dance - the cancan! Back home in Australia, Kangaroo decides to open his very own Cancan Café, but his auditions are a total disaster. Will Kangaroo ever find somebody to dance the cancan and dazzle the crowds?

Lynne Chapman's animals will make you laugh aloud as they try to dance the cancan.

Popualr in schools for its rhyming text, and because it covers so many topics, France, Australia, cafes, dance and music, teachers have also picked up on the theme of 'Try, try again'.

Published by Orchard Books. ISBN 978-1-84362-600-8

Also available in Hardback



Julia feeding a Kangaroo in AustraliaWhen I fed this kangaroo, I didn't know he would become a character in a book. In 2000 I went to my son's wedding in Australia I saw kangas, koalas, kookaburras, crocodiles, possums, platypuses and wombats - amazing! It wasn't till a year later, when I was sitting in a French cafe, that these  words came into my head:  "Kangaroo went to France and saw a great dance ..."

You can find out what else Kanga and his friends get up to by reading the whole story...

Lancot Lower School loved the way Emu overcame her shyness to become a cancan dancer!  ADD





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Please follow this link to see some photographs of work done by students at Lancot School in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, based on the book

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