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The stories at the beginning of this section all have full colour illustrations to help the young reader visualise the action and characters. They are split into chapters, so the young reader isn't daunted by pages of unbroken text.  Some of these books are out of print but you can get them from your local library or often buy them secondhand on Amazon. Please just click on the cover illustration.

Next come books with fewer illustrations, usually in black and white.  The reader must rely on the words to create pictures and tell the story.  Several of the books comprise several short stories, others are broken into chapters to make them more digestible.

At the end of this section you'll find longer stories, short novels, mostly without illustrations.  Children lucky enough to have been read to a lot, often aspire to read these 'meatier' tales.   If they don't, don't worry, keep reading to them! Some children acquire the taste and stamina for reading novels only when they are in secondary school, and these titles will still be suitable.

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The Ghost of Tantony Pig

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The Ghost of Tantony Pig(35,000 words and illustrations by Laszlo Acs) 
Laurie thinks he has problems enough when his mum is arrested and a strange new teacher appears at school. Then a pig talks to him! Could the legend of Tantony Pig be true? What must Laurie do to save the village from disaster?

ISBN 0 86264 795 9 (paperback) 
ISBN 0 86264 295 7 (hardback)

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When Poppy Ran Away

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(25,000 words illustrated by Karen Elliott) 
Poppy is sure she shouldn't be around when the grown-ups find out what she's done to prissy, boring Virginia Creeper. That's why she runs away - and finds herself in deeper trouble. 

ISBN 0 86262 114 4 (hardback) 
ISBN 0 86264 794 0(paperback)

'When Poppy Ran Away' is currently out of print, but you can still buy it on Amazon

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Poppy and the Vicarage Ghost

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(25,000 words Illustrated by Laszlo Acs) 
Poppy is looking after Mephistopheles the cat when she begins to suspect something strange is happening at the old vicarage. Could it be Alice, a girl who disappeared three hundred years ago? Poppy doesn't believe in ghosts but ... 

ISBN 0 86264 192 6( hardback) 

Poppy and the Vicarage Ghost is currently out of print, but you can still buy it from Amazon

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Haunting of Nadia

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Haunting of Nadia(4,500 words ,lots of pictures and speech bubbles from Michael Charlton) 
Nadia thinks Jenny Greenteeth the water witch is an old wives' tale, a joke. Then she sees the hag's face in the village pond, sees her flipper hand beckoning. Why does Jenny Greenteeth want her? Can Nadia resist? A psychological thriller about jealousy and obsession. Not as easy as it looks, NOT for very young readers!  

Also available as a Paperback on Amazon.  Published by Puffin  ISBN 0 14 038369 7

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Sewer Sleuth

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The Sewer SleuthThe cholera epidemic of 1854 is raging. Nobody knows how to stop it. Then Tom Cracknell, an orphan boy turns detective. He helps Doctor John Snow, Queen Victoria's physician to find the cause of the deadly disease. 

ISBN 0 7496 2590 2 









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The Not so Nice Victorians(3,000 words inc. historical notes and lots of pictures by Liz Minichiello) 

Convict is now published as a section of The Not So Nice Victorians.  Mary Catchpole borrows a horse to fetch the doctor to a neighbour. Then she's accused of stealing and put in prison to await trial. Will she be found guilty? In Victorian times punishments were severe even for children. 

ISBN 0 7496 2591 0

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Jessame to the Rescue and Other Stories

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Jessame to the RescueSix more stories about the irrepressible Jessame.  She visits the Cutty Sark, rescues her little brother and dances the special Ashobee dance at a wedding.

Andersen Press 9781842708309

"Jessame to the Rescue" gets a 5 star review in "Books for Keeps"

They said  (No 110  May 1998): 

".. this book is really delightful in a literal sense" 

" Julia Jarman's writing conveys a vivid sense of life freshly experienced; she has an acute ear for the felicities of children's speech and for the way in which a young imagination can transform a walk to the shops into a phantasmagoria of imaginings. The book is both tender and celebratory of the splendid diversity of everyday life and people, and expresses a warmhearted appreciation of London, particularly the bits that are seldom commemorated in literature" 

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