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The stories at the beginning of this section all have full colour illustrations to help the young reader visualise the action and characters. They are split into chapters, so the young reader isn't daunted by pages of unbroken text.  Some of these books are out of print but you can get them from your local library or often buy them secondhand on Amazon. Please just click on the cover illustration.

Next come books with fewer illustrations, usually in black and white.  The reader must rely on the words to create pictures and tell the story.  Several of the books comprise several short stories, others are broken into chapters to make them more digestible.

At the end of this section you'll find longer stories, short novels, mostly without illustrations.  Children lucky enough to have been read to a lot, often aspire to read these 'meatier' tales.   If they don't, don't worry, keep reading to them! Some children acquire the taste and stamina for reading novels only when they are in secondary school, and these titles will still be suitable.

You can buy all of these books on Amazon, just click on the cover illustration.




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Stowaway!Set in Tudor times, Stowaway is about a boy who stows away with the famous sailor, Francis Drake.  The illustrations, by Mike Oldroyd are all in full colour, and are so dramatic!

Collins commissioned me to write a story about the Golden Hinde. I'd already written about Francis Drake's voyage round the world before - in "The Time Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure" so I didn't have to do a lot of research. But to refresh my memory I revisited the replica of the Golden Hinde, moored at Horseshoe Wharf on the Thames. What a brill day out that was! If you'd like to visit it get info from the website www.goldenhinde.co.uk/ You'll have fun!

'Stowaway is very good as a launchpad for Tudor Explorers.'

Caren Topley, Kingsmoor Lower School. 

For a Topic Web on Stowaway click on Lesson Plans.

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The Magic Backpack

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The Magic Back Pack coverJosh's class is making a chocolate cake, but Josh forgets the chocolate.  He's in trouble till his magic backpack takes him on an amazing journey.

Do you know where chocolate comes from?  You'll find out in this story!

Red Fox ISBN 0 09 941734 0  (1500 words, and lots of coloured pictures by Adriano Gon.)

Don't forget to make the cake afterwards.  The recipe - the best chocolate cake recipe I know - is in the book too!

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Tooth Fairy in Trouble

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Tooth Fairy in Trouble CoverWhen Tooth Fairy can't get round to all the children to collect their teeth Fairy Queen is angry. But what can Tooth Fairy do? She's already in trouble with the other fairies who say the tooth dump is dangerously high. Then a horrid boy catches her. Has Tooth Fairy got enough magic left to escape and teach him a lesson? Luckily there are some kind and clever children who help her.


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