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The Time Travelling Cat and The Great Victorian Stink

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altTopher's amazing cat, Ka, has time-travelled again; she has left him the clue: CAppeLLis Following her, Topher finds himself in Victorian London where disease is rife and the Thames is clogged with stinking sewage! Topher discovers a plot to kill Joseph Bazalgette, the man who is trying to save the city. Determined to foil it, Topher must first escape from an arch-criminal and his den of thieves. This is the sixth adventure of the "Time-Travelling Cat".


"Very enjoyable caper - young lad in Victorian London tries to prevent a murder with help of 21st century cat." -- Bookbag July 30th 2010

"An evocative, pacey and educative adventure, and we have to recommend it." --The Bookbag, John Lloyd  

Features many aspects of Victorian life: theatre, trade, transport, crime, disease and hygiene, and engineering.  Two Victorian heroes make an appearance: Joseph Bazalgette and Florence Nightingale.

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