Summer Term '09 School Visits

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I’ve enjoyed all my visits this term, so thank you to all those teachers who invited me. I know it makes extra work but I hope you all found it worthwhile. Do send me pictures, as jpegs if possible, and samples of work inspired by my visit. See the Gallery for a selection  

Simpson School, Milton Keynes
- a great day organised by TA, Rebecca Newman who had enthused everyone with the idea of an author visit.  Staff and pupils were ready with questions about my books, supplied by the local Waterstones, AND she bribed parents to come in and buy with the offer of free cup cakes! What a good idea! Lots of parents turned up to buy books for their children.

Best of all, I met lots of friendly, lively minded, well-behaved children.

Stanton School, Milton Keynes.

Friendly, lively minded, well-behaved children - and staff I should say! - made this visit special.  The ‘Let’s Start a Story’ workshop in the afternoon was particularly exciting.  I’m looking forward to seeing the middles and endings of the stories we began in the workshop. 

Glebelands Primary in Chatteris

What a lovely school!   The visit came about because all the pupils in Year 3 invited me. They were reading my books as part of the Literacy Unit On Authors, and their teacher, Cyndi Huertas, set them a challenge - write to me and persuade me to come and talk to them.  Well, they wrote such persuasive letters, I just had to go!  

Cyndi had prepared her pupils well. They had done lots of work on my books and she and her TA had put terrific displays.  (Pictures please, Cyndi!) They also had lots of challenging questions and there were lots of books for me to autograph.  I think Tooth Fairy was the best seller, but another favourite was The Time Travelling Cat and the Viking Terror.  In this story the Vikings raid Ely cathedral, which is quite near the school.

Liberty School, Lakenheath.

I always love my annual visit to this school on the American airbase, for all sorts of reasons.  It was there I heard about the Anglo Saxon skeleton - buried on the base - which inspired my novel, Peace Weavers.  I always get a very warm welcome, and this year I got cake and ice-cream soda too!

Like many British Schools, Liberty is focussing on Improving Pupils’ Writing.  Last year I focussed on Generating Ideas and Showing not Telling.  This year switched-on teacher, Maddy Fisher, asked me to share my Story Plan to demonstrate the structure of a story and focus on Beginnings. Thank you, Maddy and lovely, enthusiastic, Lee the librarian and EVERYONE for a great two days!

Southview Infant School, Basingstoke.

Alison Granger was the excellent organising teacher here.  She had a great selection of my books from Hampshire Schools Library Service, so the children were super-prepared and fired questions at me all day.  But they were good listeners too - and good joiners-in.

Romiley Primary School, Stockport

I am the proud owner of an I am a Super Star badge, made by Patrick, one of lots of enthusiastic readers at this lively school.  Thank you, Patrick, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing me read my stories. I will try and put a picture of my badge in the gallery.

The Magic Backpack
was popular here and Class 2 teacher, Linda Harris, is going to plan some lessons round it. Thank you for the lift to the station, Linda.  I enjoyed our conversation and hope you’ll let me put your lessons on my website. Thank you, Laura Bowen, for organising a super day.
Hunstanton Infants School.

Only 72 pupils here but WOW! When they joined with Big Blue Train you’d have thought there were 720. TOOT!  TOOT! And they knew Big Red Bath off by heart.  
They did go a bit quiet when I read Class Two at the Zoo but a lot of them got their mums or dads or grans to buy them their very own copy so I don’t think they were really scared.

It was great to meet Tom Brocklehurst from the Norfolk Childrens’ Book Centre.  He’s a handsome hunk of a man now, helping his mum run her brilliant bookshop. When I first met Tom he was 9 and he told me that The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess was the best book he’d ever read, so I dedicated the next book in the series to him.  Have a look inside The Time Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure.

Why don’t you email me and let me know what your favourite Julia Jarman book is? Use the forum. I’d love to know.
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