Class Two On Bookaboo

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Last week I told you that Class Two at the Zoo was going to read by a celebrity on a terrific new children's programme called Bookaboo!

Illustrator Lynne Chapman and I had been down to Happy Studios to see a preview, where we were sworn to secrecy about who the celeb was.

But now - Taran ta ta taa! - I can reveal his name . It's the gorgeous.....Robson Green!!!!

Not only does he look gorgeous, he sounds gorgeous too. My dad was a Geordie so I have a soft spot for the Geordie accent and Robson reads the story brilliantly, building up the tension, by pausing in all the right places. I can hardly wait to see it on TV, and there's not long to wait now as the series has begun.           

Make sure you watch on Wednesday March 11th at 12.15, 4.15 and 5.45


Meanwhile you can listen to a reading,  by a talented little girl, on Cbeebies radio. Just click on the following link


The little girl reads it with lots of expression - and a change to the text. It's only one word but it makes quite a lot of difference. Have a listen and see what you think. Good luck.  Sometimes this link works, sometimes it doesn't.



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