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My aim in this section is to be helpful, give you stuff you can use and SAVE YOU WORK!  I want to share some of my own ideas on writing which you can freely adapt to suit your needs:

Writing Recipe and Story Plan.

Editing - how to improve your writing.

I also want to share ideas and lesson plans, based on my books, generously given by other professionals.  If you are a teacher and have a lesson plan based on one of my books which you would be willing to share with other teachers, please get in touch by email.

  • How I Write   ( 3 Articles )

    This section contains a selection of articles about how I create my stories and books.


  • Lesson Plans   ( 12 Articles )

    This section of the website contains a number of lesson plans based on my books.


  • Visits to Schools and Libraries   ( 4 Articles )

    Each year I visit lots of schools, colleges and libraries. I offer 3 sessions or a combination:

    • 'How a Book is Made'
    • 'Tell Me' in which I launch a discussion about my work
    • 'Join in with Julia' - an interactive session for younger children who join in with picture book readings, sing the cross pirate song, run away from the anaconda and handle my cuddlier characters

    Fuller details of my standard presentation material is given in the following articles.