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Lesson Plans: Magic Back Pack

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A Series of Lessons for Year 2 based on The Magic Backpack by Julia Jarman

Lesson 1: To enjoy the story read by adult. To discuss setting, characters and content.

Lesson 2: To design and label their own magic backpack, stating why the different parts would be useful on their voyage.

Lesson 3: To draw up a story plan, by firstly answering the questions:

Where will it take me?
Why do I want I go there?
What will happen?

Lesson 4: To verbally tell the story to a small group, inviting responses and improvements from peers.

A very enjoyable series of lessons, pulling together speaking and listening with the creative art of developing ideas for a story, without the onerous task of having to write letters, words and sentences! The boys particularly liked designing and labelling their own rucksack there were some weird and wonderful ideas!

Lesson plans by Janet Rhodes - Lancot Lower School.