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Lesson Plans: English Year 7 - Hangman

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Hangman Cover

 Thanks to Gill Davies and Donna Levene of Henlow Middle School for their generosity in sharing the lesson plans that follow. They and other teachers in the school have taught Hangman to Year 7 classes for many years - 'because it works every time.'  Note that the references to Bronte, Chaucer, Kipling and Shakespeare are to the four work groups in each class.  There are a few references to worksheets that I haven't yet acquired, but the plans for a half term's work will save teachers hours of planning time.

Other teachers have used Hangman with Y6 classes with great success and these plans can be adapted for younger or older groups.

Week 1

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Y7 Sentence Level Starter 2 - Using adjectives and adverbs. Follow bullet points under activity.
Read Chapter 1 to the class. On board begin to construct character web of main characters/families mentioned so far. Get key family names, then stop.
Scan read chapter, and on their own copies of character web, complete names of famly members.
As a class put in the relationship arrows on character web, to show connections between families and characters.
Lesson 2
Y7 Sentence level copymaster for starter 2 - adjectives and adverbs. Follow sheet.
Recap character web from lesson 1. Focus on principal characters - Danny, Nick and Toby. Look at key descriptive passages for Toby - analyse what these tell us abbout his personality.
Spellings - _ey words. Set for class homework.
Lesson 3
Each group thinks of as many adjectives and adverbs for each of 5 letters of the alphabet as possible. Divide alphabet between groups - Bronte: a,b,c,d,e and so on. Miss out x. Get feedback quickly.
Read chapter 2 - rotate parts of Danny, Nick, the teacher, Callum and Mrs Tate aroung pupils - read narrative yourself.
All groups apart from Shakespeare work in Draft books listing all the ways Nick is nasty to Danny in Chapter 2. Teacher work with Shakespeare, lookin at Nick's motivation for his actions, including why he wants to stay out of trouble, stabs model's eyes out, etc.
Shakespeare shares their thoughts and decisions about NIck's personallity and motivation.
Lesson 4
Test spellings.
In groups on big pieces of paper list the things that make Danny "different" and therefore a victim. teacher work with Bronte. feedback from Jane Austen. Anything to add from other groups?
Read Chapter 3
Chaucer and Kipling groups stand at front of class - each person has to say one positive thing about Danny - no repetition!

Week 2

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Session for catching up if needed
Lesson 2
Creating Noun Phrases
1: by adding adjectives
Write The teacher entered on the board. Individually write five new sentences adding adjectives before the noun.
Recap chapter 3 events. Read chapter 4. Discuss in what ways the bullying is escalating - list first few incidents on board sequentially to show framework.
Pupils work in First Draft - copy first points from board and then continue to end of chapter 4.
Briefly draw out from their lists the fact that the level of bullying is getting worse. What advice is Danny being given at this point? By whom? How helpful is it?
Lesson 3
Creating noun phrases by adding adverbs. They select one "improved" sentence from previous day - add adverbs after verb to extend it. Make five new sentences again.
Don't give books to pupils this lesson. teacher reread final paragraph of Chapter 4. What do they think his parents will do? What would be the best thing to do? Read Chapter 5 up to "Mrs Pepper smiled sweetly."
Give pupils photocopies of text containing Mrs Pepper's talk to the class. What do they think will be the reaction of the class to it? Draw out that it will not be positive. What words and phrases does Julia Jarman use to prepare the reader for some of the class' negative reaction? Highlight these words and phrases on their photocopies of the text.
Read rest of chapter 5. What emerges about Nick's hsitory at Lindley High? What does he think the answer is to Danny's problems?
Use prompt sheet to write a talk to persuade 7Y to help Danny. SNs make a list of ways to help Danny. (May need extra time if this homework is set lesson 3).
Lesson 4
Creating Noun phrases by adding a prepositional phrase. Select one "improved" sentence from previous day - extend it again by adding prepositional phrases beginning with: into, from, with, by, through.
read up to "...better if Danny made friend with some of the boys" in chapter 6. Discuss Mrs Pepper's other suggestions for helping Danny. What do they think of them?
Read to, "the Peters' were all coming to lunch a week on Sunday." What suggestions or actions does Mrs Lamb have for Danny?
read to end of chapter 6.
Brainstorm on board - how are the adults in Danny's life failing him?

Week 3

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Session for catching up if needed.
Lesson 2
Translate Latin into modern english (see Starter Activity sheet).
Read Chapter 7 up to p53 "He didn't even look at him." How is Nick manipulating Toby? Draw out: Nick implying that Danny is getting unfair privileges (in at break): advice to "help" Toby not be Danny's best friend; assuring him that Danny is OK and not Toby's responsibility; using Callum as his "heavy"; threatening; flattery (football)
In pairs, role-play a similar situation - a popular new pupils "persuading" another to drop an old friend against their better judgement. What lattery / threats etc might be used?
Why does Louise call Toby a "Judas"?
Write improvised role play as a scripted piece of drama in First Draft.
Lesson 3
As above
Read rest of Chapter 7. Focus on list of info for Calvados/Normandy trip. What info is given? What else might you need to know? How has it been clearly and helpfully presented?
Give out copies of info for HMS trip to Normandy, which has been "jumbled". (Also see SN version in envelopes). Pupils rewrite the info in first draft, reordering and laying it out logically and helpfully, cutting unnecessary words.
2-3 pupils read and show their improved version. Discuss what layout techniqueshelp the reader to grasp info easily.
Lesson 4
Check in homework.
Refer back to the letter Nick wrote to Danny's parents. Discuss Nick's deepening hatred of Danny. Where does it come from? (Make sure pupils understand that sending anonymous letters is illegal. Read chapter 8.
Refer back to p64 "It was a good feeling being part of a gang." What does Toby mean by this? How does it enable Nick to manipulate Toby for his own ends? Does Nick manipulate nayone else?
Ask them to predict how Nick might go about getting Danny out of Chambre 7?

Week 4

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Groups: Away
one lesson this week (and next if needed) set aside for pupils to use ICT to present the information for the French trip.
Lesson 1
Groups: Away
Complex sentences - adding a relative clause
Remind class that Nick is going to try to get Danny our of Chambre 7. Read chapter 9.
Give out worksheet "Danny's trip to Francs" showing main events (from Danny's point of view only) of the visit so far. Complete the bullet points for chapter 9. Keep for next lesson.
Use acetate or give completed sheets to check w/s together.
Set spellings: nouns ending in ie or ee.
Sentence ambiguity
Refer back to passage in chaptr 9 about the blackbird. Why has Julia Jarman underlined this? Refer also to inclusion of details re Nazi occupation of France. What relevance does this have to the story?
Read again the paragraph beginning: "And the beaches looked so peaceful." Discuss the idea of contrast of mood. Use as a model - but extend - to write a description of a similar scenario.
Select 2-3 pupils to read descriptions aloud to class. How successfully have the descriptions conveyed a mood? Is there an effective contrast included?
Lesson 1
Groups: Away
Test spellings.
Read Chapter 10.
Continue listing main events on "Danny's Trip to France" worksheet.
Why does Danny keep all his problems to himself?

Week 5

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Y7 Optional Reading Test practice. 10 minutes to read contents and article in "Now and Then" booklet: "There is no such thing as a cool Roman." 40 minutes to answer Qs 1-9 in answer booklets.
Lesson 2
Sentence starter 13. See Teacher's sheet. Varying sentences for effect (1) - share out first 5 sentences round groups.
Discuss the features of diary writing. Give out, "What is a diary?" sheets. Allocate one diary extract per group. They respond to each bullet point for Activity 1. Orally feedback responses to rest of class. Pose Q2 to class.
In First draft books, and referring to bullet point list from last week, write a diary entry for Danny, covering events in Chapter 9.
Choose one person from each group to read aloud the diray entry about Danny watching the blackbirds. How effectively has each writer expressed Danny's inner thoughts?
Continue diary for Chapter 10.
Lesson 3
As above - share out next 5 sentences.
Read chapter 11.
Has Danny missed the coach intentionally?
How do Toby's concerns for Danny change throughout the day?
How do Danny's feelings change through the day?
One way in which writers alter the mood of their stories is by using a variety of sentence lengths. On photocopies of chapter 11, highlight all the short sentences.
What effect do the short sentences have in each case?
Lesson 4
1 day spare this week for more time in IT room to finish Normandy trip info if needed.

Week 6

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1  
Y7 Optional reading test. 10 minutes to read in "Now and Then" booklet: "A Guide to roman Piercebridge" and "we're both real: then and Now." 40 minutes to answer questions 10-20 in answer booklets.
Lesson 2
Using powerful Verbs - follow teacher's sheet with class.
Read chapter 12 to p106 -"filled with foreboding".
Answer questions on comprehension sheet for the chapter. SN version included.
Set spellings for Friday - re-prefix words. See list.
Lesson 3
Do pupils' sheet on Using Powerful Verbs. Listen to some examples.
Mark together comprehension sheet from previous lesson. Read rest of chapter 12.
On worksheet note the reactions and responses of each group of people to the knowledge that Danny is slost. What are the main concerns of each group?
Each literacy group feeds back one section of worksheet to rest of class.
Lesson 4
Test spellings.
Tell them to imagine they are in Danny's position, lost in a strange place. On board, model a description of their feelings and actions, using short sentences to create tension and a sense of panic.
Each write own description in style of class model.
Hear some examples from volunteers. Which sentences work particularly well?
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