Julia Jarman


Welcome to my website!

Have a look round. You will find details of my books for READERS OF ALL AGES! I’ve been writing for children for nearly 40 years – yes, I’m getting on! – and recently started writing women’s fiction.

My backlist adds up to more than a hundred books for children, long ones, short ones, contemporary and historical, funny, sad and silly.

I was a teacher when I began and I still love visiting schools and libraries. I like to help teachers and librarians to whom I owe a lot. 

You will find resources for teachers and librarians based on my work, including word-searches and pictures to colour, also lesson plans and schemes of work supplied by other teachers. There’s a section about visits to schools and libraries.

Please get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page if you want more info.

I live in a small village in Bedfordshire, England but enjoy travelling to talk about my work. I write almost every day – I love my job! – but also spend time reading, gardening, cooking, walking, swimming, seeing family and friends and – fave treat! – going to the theatre.

For more biographical information, please visit ‘About Julia’.
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My new book, Widows on the Wine Path is available now! It’s the second in the series.

You will meet Viv, Janet and Zelda, founders of the Widows’ Wine Club once again and newly widowed Libby Allgood. Libby is missing husband Jim badly but when Zelda welcomes her to their lively group things look up!

New Children’s Book for 2024!

My latest picture book, Cheeky Chick, illustrated by Tom Knight and published by Boxer Books is also now available in both the UK and the USA! Boxer Books is a new publisher for me, but my editor there, Leilani Sparrow, is one I worked with long ago at Hachette – on Class Two at the Zoo, one of my most popular books. SO excited! Tom’s pics are great. Look at the rough below.


We have already had some positive feedback from the prestigious Kirkus Reviews USA

“Fox Meets his Match with Cheeky Chick.

Rhyming text in a singsong cadence pairs with art reminiscent of Paul Galdone’s style to tell this home-away-from-home farm story. Four of Mother Hen’s little chicks heed her warning to “play near the hen-house” and to run away if Fox comes by, but the fifth, Cheeky Chick, replies, “Tosh!” and “Bosh!” before continuing to ignore Mother Hen and wandering far indeed. Other barnyard animals step up to act in loco parentis, warning Cheeky Chick of hazards and voicing concerns. He ignores them, however, and ultimately confronts Fox. Visual perspective zooms in at that point, with all background detail omitted as the focus is placed on a large, toothsome fox’s face leering down at the tiny chick. On the following page, the layout is used to terrific effect as the perspective zooms out to an aerial view and shows a chase scene across four panels. Cheeky Chick scurries away, with Fox in hot pursuit, as they pass all the erstwhile helpers who tried and failed to warn the young chicken. Ultimately Fox gets his comeuppance when Cheeky Chick lives up to his name and leads Fox to a dunk in the pond before heading home under a duck’s watchful eye.
Three cheers for this unlikely but intrepid hero.”

My first novel for grown- ups. The Widows’ Wine Club was published by Boldwood Books in August 2023 and it’s selling well! It has been in the Top 100 Kindle books on Amazon in the USA, and has been getting great reviews,

It’s a story about friendship, new beginnings, finding love and happiness in later life, and of course wine! I’m thrilled to say it’s getting great reviews and is flying high in the charts, especially Kindle.

You can order your copy now in paperback, hardback, including large print, Kindle, Kobo and audio editions. It’s on Amazon and in all good book shops.

The widows in my Widows series are unlikely friends. I was delighted when Ben Fox, creator of the exciting new website, Shepherd, asked me to tell readers why and recommend other books on the same theme. These are my Best 5 – all cracking reads. Hope you enjoy them!


I regularly visit schools and libraries to talk to children and teachers about my work.

Pictures from recent visits can be found in the gallery. Please send me yours if you would like to be on show!