Books for Teens

"clever writing and powerful ideas"

Titles in this section deal with challenging issues relevant to teens.

Specifically war, peace and conflict resolution in Peace Weavers and bullying in Hangman.  In Peace Weavers, the heroines, one Anglo Saxon, the other very twenty-first century, are sixteen.  Both yearn for peace in war-torn countries.

Hangman is about bullying in a secondary school. Readers the same age as the characters will identify with them, but so will mature younger readers.

Crow Haunting  is about teenage girls, one modern, one from the Stone Age, both with too much responsibility thrust upon them.

I have included  titles from my Time Travelling Cat series in this section, because Topher, the cat’s owner – or does she own him? – goes to secondary school in all but the first book in the series.

Themes interesting to teenagers include animal rights, bullying and living with terrorism.

The Time Travelling Cat And The Great Victorian Stink

The Time Travelling Cat and The Great Victorian Stink Topher's amazing cat, Ka, has time-travelled again; she has left him the clue: CAppeLLis Following her. Topher finds himself in Victorian London where disease is rife and the Thames is clogged with stinking sewage!...

Ollie and the Bogle

Ollie and the Bogle

Ollie and the Bogle When Ollie first sees the bogle she can't quite believe it. Then the wizened tree spirit points a long spiky finger at her, and writes STOP HIM in elderberry juice on the shed roof. Dare she obey? Dare she not? Andersen paperback.ISBN 1 84270 039 1

Jessame to the Rescue

Jessame to the Rescue

Jessame to the Rescue Six more stories about the irrepressible Jessame. She visits the Cutty Sark, rescues her little brother and dances the special Ashobee dance at a wedding. "Jessame to the Rescue" gets a 5 star review in "Books for Keeps" They said (No 110 May...

Poppy and the Vicarage Ghost

Poppy and the Vicarage Ghost (25,000 words Illustrated by Laszlo Acs) Poppy is looking after Mephistopheles the cat when she begins to suspect something strange is happening at the old vicarage. Could it be Alice, a girl who disappeared three hundred years ago? Poppy...

When Poppy Ran Away

When Poppy Ran Away

When Poppy Ran Away (25,000 words illustrated by Karen Elliott) Poppy is sure she shouldn't be around when the grown-ups find out what she's done to prissy, boring Virginia Creeper. That's why she runs away - and finds herself in deeper trouble. Andersen ISBN 0 86262...