Jenny Greenteeth –

First published as ‘The Haunting of Nadia’ this short novel is a hi-lo that retains all the horror of the original.

New illustrations focus on the monstrous Jenny Greenteeth who lurks beneath the surface of the pond Nadia must pass each day. Can Nadia break free from the monster’s grip?

Wired Up Connect is for readers aged 9 and over.

ISBN 9781408174104


The Portsmouth Book Award is voted for by 1,500 Year 5 pupils. Watch this spot for links to drama, music and poems inspired by the story. Brilliantly performed at The King’s Theatre Portsmouth as part of the rumbustious award ceremony, they will inspire you too.

Nadia thinks Jenny Greenteeth the water witch is an old wives’ tale, a joke.

Then she sees the hag’s face in the village pond, sees her flipper hand beckoning.

Why does Jenny Greenteeth want her? Can Nadia resist? A psychological thriller about jealousy and obsession.

Not as easy as it looks, NOT for very young readers!