Jessame to the Rescue

Six more stories about the irrepressible Jessame. She visits the Cutty Sark, rescues her little brother and dances the special Ashobee dance at a wedding.

“Jessame to the Rescue” gets a 5 star review in “Books for Keeps”

They said (No 110 May 1998):

“.. this book is really delightful in a literal sense”

“Julia Jarman’s writing conveys a vivid sense of life freshly experienced; she has an acute ear for the felicities of children’s speech and for the way in which a young imagination can transform a walk to the shops into a phantasmagoria of imaginings. The book is both tender and celebratory of the splendid diversity of everyday life and people, and expresses a warmhearted appreciation of London, particularly the bits that are seldom commemorated in literature.”

Andersen Press 9781842708309