Kisses Are Yuk

Jack just HATES being kissed by his large family of aunts, uncles and cousins. ‘

Kisses were yukky, kisses were sucky, kisses were very very unlucky.’ Deciding to be macho, he starts a No Kissing campaign, but he has a secret, not revealed till the last page.

Erica-Jane Waters’s pictures capture the fun but also, on the very last page, the tenderness.

“With hilarious pictures closely following the rhyming text, this is a book with much to giggle over, as Jack struggles with his abundantly affectionate family.” BOOKS FOR KEEPS

Norfolk Library Service gave KISSES ARE YUK! Their Bronze Star Award. This is an award voted for by children so I’m very proud.

Published by Hodder (Paperback ISBN 978-0-340-94482-0)

Also available in Hardback (ISBN 978-0-340-94481-3)

Here is a link to The Bookaboo Bookaguide for Kisses are Yuk.

Parents and teachers are using Jack to put over an important message – choose who kisses you!

Lesson – Click here for a lesson for PSHE or SEAL or go to Lesson Plans in my Teacher and Librarian section.

Kisses are Yuk has been featured on the ITV series Bookaboo.

Read by comedian Omid Djalili, you can see it on ITV and CiTV.

I’m thrilled that another of my books is on this great programme.

Jack hates being kissed, especially if they are sloppy, sucky, licky or scary hairy ones! And with an army of aunts and uncles, there’s no getting away from them. What’s a boy to do? 

Omid sympathised with Jack. “In our culture it’s about grabbing the cheeks…so aunties and uncles would come when I was about 3 or 4, and grab the cheek, and I’d go ‘Agh!’. But then I was told, ‘Oh Aunty so-and-so is just being like that because she likes you!’ So this book struck a real chord with me.”.

Note, for reasons I cannot fathom, the title of this book has changed to The Best Kiss.