Picture Books

fun first reads!

These books are for children who can’t yet read, children who are beginning to read and children who can read very well.

Mostly they will be read by parents and carers, sharing the stories with lucky children.

Even children who can read enjoy listening to a grown-up reading. They’ll also enjoy looking at the pictures – which help tell the story – and chatting about the story.

Whoever you are, reading the story, have fun! Let yourself go and read with loads of expression.

There are now ten full colour picture books to purchase and keep or borrow from the library.

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Jungle Grumble

Jungle Grumble

Jungle Grumble -  A Hilarious Book, Illustrated by Lynne Chapman! Hippo thinks his bum's too big. Giraffe thinks his neck is too long and Zebra is fed up with stripes. Then Lion opens a Swap Shop, and it's not long before the animals all want to look just like they...

What’s That Nasty Whiff ?

What’s That Nasty Whiff ?

What's That Nasty Whiff ? SHORT LISTED FOR STOCKPORT SCHOOLS BOOK AWARD 2011! Helpful Hyena is tired of cleaning up everyone else’s mess. Encouraged by Vulture she takes a break and so does he. At first nobody noticed. Till one day Hippo sniffed, And said to all the...

Ants In Your Pants

Ants In Your Pants

Ants In Your Pants Leopard is having a party, but he hasn't invited Aardvark. When naughty ants start biting bottoms at the birthday bash, it isn't long before all the guests are throwing their pants in the air to get rid of them! Only Aardvark can eat the ants and...

Two Shy Pandas

Two Shy Pandas

Two Shy Pandas Charmingly illustrated by the wonderful Susan Varley, my latest picture book has received lots of great reviews. Independent on Sunday chose it as one of their BOOKS OF THE YEAR for 2012! Nicholas Tucker wrote; 'This affectionate story is funny and...

Bears On The Stairs

Bears On The Stairs

Bears On The Stairs Available as hardback, paperback or iBook. This super review is from Books for Keeps. "Right away, from the vulgar nose-picking and tongue-poking loonies depicted on the cover, we know we’re in for some rude and naughty bears who can’t wait to give...

Fussy Freda

Fussy Freda Freda is a very faddy child. Inspired by one of my own daughters - she drove me crazy - I've updated an earlier story to give it a healthy eating message. I hope this story saves lives! We launched this book at Beaudesert Lower School in Leighton Buzzard,...

Class Three All At Sea

Class Three All At Sea When Class Three go to sea they see donkeys dancing on the quay, and soggy sea lions skimming stones, but they don't notice the skull and cross bones ... Can the kids outwit the pirates? What do you think? 'Lynne Chapman's pirates are...

Class Two At The Zoo

Class Two At The Zoo On the day Class Two went to the zoo they see a koala kissing a kangaroo, but they don't see the anaconda! Voted Best Book of 2008 by thousands of children, it won the Stockport Schools Book Award. It's now reaching a wider audience on CITV in the...

Class One Farmyard Fun

Class One Farmyard Fun A new one for fans of Class Two at the Zoo and Class Three All at Sea. Especially good for Year 1 and Year 2 learning about farms and colours. Be careful if you go to a farm wearing red clothing!

Big Bouncy Bed

Big Bouncy Bed When Ben and Bella bounce on mum and dad's bed all the animals join in the fun - of course. Then Elephant sends the bed flying out of the window - up up up - into space. After a whizz round the planets they decide Planet Earth is best and down they...

Big Yellow Digger

Big Yellow Digger Brum Brum! Brum Brum! Judder, judder, jigger. All aboard the big yellow digger! The latest adventure of Ben and Bella is out and it's moving fast! Reviews are full of praise: 'A yellow digger AND a dinosaur! Hours of fun!' 'Ben, Bella and their...

Big Blue Train

Big Blue Train A follow-up to the prize-winning, Big Red Bath. Ben and Bella are off on another rhyming adventure. The train puffs and chugga chuffs and clickety clacks its way round the world. We visit the Arctic, a jungle, a desert and a farm to get to a seaside...