What’s That Nasty Whiff ?


Helpful Hyena is tired of cleaning up everyone else’s mess. Encouraged by Vulture she takes a break and so does he.

At first nobody noticed. Till one day Hippo sniffed, And said to all the others.

“Hey! What’s that nasty whiff?”

It’s not long before the other animals are begging them to return, but will they?

Here is a review from the WriteAway website.

“Julia Jarman’s quirky slant on the role hyenas and vultures take in cleaning up after other animals in the wild makes for a fun and entertaining story with a green message.

Children will love the deliberately ‘naughty’ leading lines and there is plenty to entertain adult readers too.

The illustrations add to the fun and the expressions of some of the animals reacting to the pongy savannah are hilarious.

An added bonus for children who want to help save the planet is a downloadable certificate along with some child friendly eco tips available from the publisher’s website.”

Follow this link to get Hyena’s Helpful Eco Tips!

Follow this link to get a Save Our Planet Recycling Certificate!

Here is a link to a review of the Slovenian translation of Hey!